Thursday, August 30, 2007

Coke Zero Video Directors

When drinking an ice cold Coke beverage isn't good enough - how about drinking that same great beverage while directing your very own, "Life as it should be" film strip. Coke zero has a great web site where you can do just that while enjoying your real taste, zero sugar, Coke zero, while becoming one of many directors out there. Then send it to one or more of your friends so that they can view your film clip or better yet they can create one of their own.

Discovery Channel

Once again we are bombarded with too much information in reguards to all that is wrong with America. The 24/7/365 news networks are either too far Right or to far Left and are so negative. I therefore recommend the Discovery Channel as a new news channel. If you watch The Discovery Channel long enough you will realize that the world is beautiful, wonderful, mysterious and very small. The Discovery Channel explores the world with all of its diversity including people, making no judgements but just showing the reality of the situation.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ultimate Paintball

Several years ago I introduced my son to the world of paintballing with a Triumph XT Paintball PowerPack gun by Tippmann. That paintball gun has been a real treat for him and me, we shoot all the time and the best part is the paint is gone in a couple of days. Naturally my son started searching the web for paintball supplies to see what is available and visited Ultimate Paintball web site. Ultimate Paintball web site is hot, easy to navigate and full of pictures to highlight their large inventory of awesome paintball guns, and supplies. You name it and Ultimate Paintball has the latest top selling products like a Tippmann A-5, Tippmann 98 Custom gun, Smart Parts Ion, Spyder Pilot ACS or how about a sniper paintball gun and all the extras you would ever want including free shipping. Visit Ultimate Paintball web site for the ultimate in paintball experience and then get out in the woods and have the best time ever.

Gadsden Purchase

While reviewing the industrial sites that my employer monitors in Mexico a friend mentioned the Gadsden Purchase which I had not heard of before. Searching the web for information I found that in 1854, the United States purchased a strip of territory (approximately 30,000 square miles) from Mexico in what is now southwestern New Mexico and southern Arizona. The purchase price was $10 million, which at the time was greatly overpriced for what was essentially desert lands, because this price reflected the public sentiments at the time. Many Americans considered the price of the Gadsden Purchase as "conscience money" or additional compensation for the earlier purchase of vast tracts of land under the 1848 Guadalupe-Hidalgo Treaty (American-Mexicam War of 1848). This is interesting because the acquisition of land in this purchase defined the present boundaries of the continental United States.


Traveling is something everyone does whether it's for a week or a weekend and I love to travel throughout the states anytime of the year. Visiting out of state hotels can became an intriguing experience especially when you show up late at night and have to sign in quietly but your kids think that it's okay to talk loud and run instead walking to the room. We decided to make Hotel Reservations prior to traveling just to make sure that the kids don't have enough time to act foolish. I have used before and found that they have a very well developed site that is easy to navigate even for those who don't like to enter information and reserve rooms like myself. The site offered vacation packages, vacation rentals, cars, flights, hotels in almost every country on the planet. We are looking at visiting my family this summer and I plan on using the coupon that is offered at With me staying for a week I am going to save at least $45.00 on my expenses. I viewed the many Vacation Packages that are also offered and I have to say that they look rather tempting. All you need to do is select one of the following in order to get going,
- Flight + Hotel + Car
- Flight + Hotel
- Hotel + Car
- Flight + Car
If you have any questions regarding the offers or availablility of hotels, cars and flights feel free to visit HR's FAQs for those very questions that might already be answered for you. Don't wait until the day before your vacation to decide what you want to do and where to stay but if you do then visit today and save immediately on that next getaway or company business trip.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How Can this Be!

Watching CNN today I saw a video of a young man who apparently had everything lined up just right for his future, ended up dead because he apparently took someone else’s parking space. I tell you what - this country can be a great country but those few individuals that do stupid things like murder really need to be taken out of society so the ones that wish to succeed can. How good of a parking space was it that made that young man think that spending 2 life sentences in prison was worth killing someone! What is happening to this civilized country of ours?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

PhotoHunt # 72 Happy

This is my dad John, and his sister Clara at the Leach, Frazier, Broyles, Carrol annual family reunion in Jellico Tenn. Looking at their glowing faces, their shinning eyes and their happy smiles they are a perfect fit for this weeks PhotoHunt. Thank You Jesus!

Friday, August 24, 2007

The name's '@' to you...

Today I saw an off-beat news story about some parents in China that want to name their child '@'. Yes that right, they want to name their kid a symbol. Recently we have had a few people that have named their kids drinks, like 'brandi' and even a fruit like 'apple'. So for this family to want "@" as a name does not surprise me at all. What are we comming to when Chen, Wu, Jiang, Yao, and Song are no longer considered worthy names?

RegOnline Web Based Registration System

RegOnline is an easy-to-use online event and conference registration software that allows you to instantly create online registration forms with automated confirmation and reminder emails, real-time credit card processing, and comprehensive reporting. Simply create your event on RegOnline secure web site, advertise the location of the Conference Registration Form on your web site, email, or in printed material, and let your attendees sign up at their convenience. There is no software to purchase or install and you can access the RegOnline registration system at any time from any web browser. RegOnline is the future business model that is accessible today because it's fast, easy, affordable online registration software for meetings, seminars, conferences, training classes, trade shows, corporate events, association events, sporting events, club events, and more.

Lance Armstrong Applies Political Pressure

Lance Armstrong's Livestrong foundation is sponsoring several "presidential cancer forums" Monday and Tuesday August 27th & 28th in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in a high profile drive to make cancer research and prevention a priority for the next president. I don't understand why cancer research and prevention is not a national priority given the alarming rate of cancer in American society and I applaud Lance's effort to force the issue. With all our technology and a national effort I firmly believe that a cure can be found and found quickly.

Alzheimer's Memory Walk

The mission of the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk is to raise awareness and funds, to enhance the quality of life of all persons affected by Alzheimer's disease and related disorders through compassionate, comprehensive services, effective advocacy, research, and access to current information and resources. In Toledo, Ohio this year's Alzheimer's Memory Walk is on September 23, 2007 at the Toledo Zoo and I plan to participate and sponsor my son. My grandmother died because of Alzheimer's and my walking is honoring her memory while raising much need funds to find a desperately need cure. With the aging of Americans Alzheimer's is an explosion about to happen with dire consequences and a cure is desperately needed. If you know 9 or 10 people who will walk and you have the time and desire please volunteer as a Memory Walk Team Captain. As Team Captain you will receive a Team Captain Kit that will have tips to help you form successful teams. So register early to ensure ample time to assemble and organize your team. Please visit memory walk website for the latest information, easy registration and find a walk feature. The Alzheimer's Memory Walk is a worthy cause and one way that we can get the message out about this devastating disease and raise funds so that one day a crue will be found. Please walk or volunteer for this important event and help make this year's Alzheimer's Memory Walk a successful one.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Presidental Families

Fostering was the common practice in the colonial era, of taking in children of relatives who could not care for their offspring, or children who had been left orphans. Because of the unusually high birth and death rates of the period, many children were left with a single parent or no parent at all. In such cases relatives took in the children and raised them as their own, but without a formal adoption process. This custom was embraced in the George Washington and John Adams family.

Lab Band by JourneyLite

If you are having trouble keeping the pounds off then lap band by Journeylite also known as LAGB or the Lap Band System procedure might be the answer. The procedure uses laparoscopic techniques to wrap an inflatable silicone band around the upper part of your stomach to restrict the amount of food that can be consumed at one time allowing you to feel full and satisfied while you actually eat less helping you to lose weight, which will improve weight-related health conditions and enhance quality of life. I know someone who had this procedure and the difference is profound. This procedure is a life changing experience and one that should be embraced if you need that extra help to lose weight.

Adults Reading Less!!!

How can this be!! An Associated Press-Ipsos poll reported that 27% of adults say they read no books at all in the past year. Nearly a third of men and a quarter of women hadn't turned a page. Of those who had read, the typical adult claimed to have read 4 books in the past year. Perhaps our busy life styles and cable TV have made setting time aside for reading less realistic, ask anyone in the newspaper industry. I fear that with less reading the issues of the day will be turned into sound bites where a few will lead the many down the wrong path just because we are not informed enough. Deja vu.

Score Center's Math Tutors....

Something that just about any parent can use today to help their kids are
Math Tutors. The help that is provided from Score Center's can be a huge stepping stone for the child struggling with math during their developmental stages. If you have a child that is 4 thru 14 years of age and needs help understanding the concepts of math then please take the time to visit Score Center's website and learn what they can offer you and your child.

Toledo Sports Arena

The Toledo Sports Arena is a 5,230 seat multi-purpose arena built in 1947 and is home to the Toledo Storm Ice Hockey team. The Toledo Sports Arena held its final event on April 8, 2007 and the new arena is slated for completion in October 2009 on the opposite side of the Maumee River in the center of downtown Toledo. The image above is a designed drawing of what the new Toledo Arena will look like. With all the development in downtown Toledo, Toledo's light on the map is getting brighter every day.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Purple Heart

On August 7, 1782 George Washington issued orders for the giving of a Badge of Military Merit to be given only to enlisted men for any singularly meritorious action. History has recorded the Badge being given to only three men, all from Connecticut; Sergeants Elijah Churchill, William Brown, and Daniel Bissell, Jr. This was the first decoration ever to honor soldiers in lower ranks. On February 22, 1932 the (200th anniversary of George Washington's birth), the War Department issued General Order # 3 authorizing The Purple Heart medal for recognition of those killed and wounded in combat. From that patriotic beginning to today 225 years later The Purple Heart is the only military medal never "won" or "earned"; it is simply received for the meritorious act of having given blood for our country.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Innovative Tutor

The other day the subject of school work and extra credit was discussed at home and my daughter quickly assured me that the school she attends is looking for some tutor assistance to help others. My daughter helped tutor students at her school last year and received an award for her effort. From what she has told me Innovative Tutor is greatly needed here in Toledo. The Score Learning Centers program offers a highly energetic, motivated learning environment tutoring individuals helping them reach their potential.

Toledo Trash Issue

Recently in Toledo there was an increase in garbage fee's to five dollars, three and change if your committed to recycling every other week. Well now we hear that some parts of Toledo won't be getting the service that they are paying for. It's being reported that trash pickups that fall on holidays won't be picked up until the following week! That will no doubt cause some trouble for families that have more then the average amount of trash. I have a quick question - Will those residents receive a lower trash rate when the holidays come and they have to wait an extra week to get rid of it?

Score Reading Tutors

My daughter participated in a reading camp at school that enabled her to tutor fellow students with reading difficulties. She was surprised to learn that some students have a tough time reading and could use some additional tutoring. My daughter checked out Score Educational Center's Reading Tutors and found them very positive. Unfortunately Score Educational Centers are not currently in Ohio where their service is greatly needed but this will change because of the need to ensure young people can read.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Several people I love suffer from a devastating disease called depression. Some of the most recognized symptoms of depression include a profound feeling of sadness or loss of interest. If you've been experiencing some combination of the following emotional or physical symptoms for more than two weeks, and it clearly interferes with your life, discuss your concerns with your doctor:

Excessive or inappropriate feelings of guilt
Sadness throughout the day, nearly every day
Loss of interest in or enjoyment of your favorite activities
Feeling of worthlessness
Trouble making decisions
Fatigue or lack of energy
Sleeping too much or too little
Change in appetite or weight
Trouble concentrating
Thoughts of death or suicide
Aches and pains

It's important to seek medical help if you think you are depressed because there are treatments and therapies available to help with the symptoms of depression.

Friday, August 10, 2007

PhotoHunt #70 Row

I observed this family of Ducks for over 10 minutes as they rested on an outcrop of rocks in the Maumee River. Suddenly the mother duck started floating off and the 6 baby ducks started following in a row allowing me to capture my entry for this weeks PhotoHunt.

Cumberland Gap

Today I stood on the same pinnacle as Daniel Boone and viewed the same landscape, then a wilderness now called Kentucky. It was an awesome view and I can only imagine what Daniel Boone viewed and thought in 1775 when it was a wilderness. I wonder then if he knew the high price he and other settlers would pay with their lives trying to forge a living and expanding the young nation westward.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

PhotoHunt #69 Funky

Recently I was exploring Beaver Creek near Grand Rapids, Ohio and ran across this large dam created by nature. Behind it the water was stagnant, contaminated, polluted with garbage and smelled. I couldn't bring myself to wade through it and therefore it's my entry for Funky. Nature created the dam, man created the trash now that's sad. It's a shame that in this time, with all our knowledge we are still polluting the environment.

Rob Zombie's Halloween

Get ready to be scared and if you like to be scared then Rob Zombie's up coming Halloween the movie is sure to fit the bill. If it is anything close to Halloween and Jason and Freddie scary movie series, then we are in for a treat. My favorite scary movie is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Something about cutting to pieces everyone you see is very scary, not to mention all the blood and gory stuff you see when the chainsaw is in action. Perhaps this movie will have a character that is mentally deranged and is dedicated to try to kill one person whom he felt has done him wrong but somehow never seems to find the target. Watch out if your in the way! This is the kind of movie that will have you under the covers so I say do not watch this movie alone because you never know what might be out there. Get ready for blood and guts and lots of screaming. You will be scare and excited that you are not one of the victims. This movie will be a classic so go and get scared stiff when this movie Halloween comes out. Are you ready to be scared