Monday, October 29, 2007

Dental Health...

At eighteen I learned about cosmetic dentistry after I was hit in the mouth by a baseball. One root canal and 3 caps later I was back playing baseball, that was thirty years ago. Today people use cosmetic dentistry for whitening teeth, invisible braces, porcelain veneers, bonding, crowns, and dental implants to look and feel better. On the West Coast San Diego cosmetic dentist is your complete one stop dental health site. Dr. David Landau and Dr. Tim Collins are your dental health specialist working with the latest technologies to let your natural beauty shine through with an attractive, healthy new smile.

Friday, October 26, 2007

New York's City Hybrid Cabs...

In June 2007 I learned that New York's Mayor Bloomberg was trying to get over 1200 cabs to convert to Hybrid. Today I read that 6 Ford Escape Hybrid taxies have offically entered operations. According to the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, each New York taxi averages nearly 100,000 miles of driving annually and the fuel savings for drivers and operators could reach the thousands of dollars every year. I have visited the city in the past and the first thing that I notice is the cabs running around that can use a little tune up or a possible replacement. I wish the mayor the best on this endeavor, and I suspect that the cab companies will continue to introduce Hybrid cars because of the bottom line....!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Checking Up On That Teenage Driver..!

GreenRoad is a maker of a car safety gadget that tells drivers when they are driving unsafely. Called the SafetyCenter, the hardware is installed in the car, and communicates with the driver via three small lights — ranging from green, which means safe, to red for unsafe maneuvers. The driving information is also collected online for later review. I like the review part because my teenage daughter started driving 2 months ago and any technology that will allow me to check her driving habits is good technology.

Texting Man Struck By Train...

There's no other way to talk about this other then this guy is truly lucky he wasn't completely smashed by that north bound train. Man of steel or part of it... In case you didn't know a gentleman by the name of Zach Smith was walking across some tracks when he noticed a south bound train coming so he stopped, after that train went by he put his head down looking at his cell phone and continued to cross the tracks. That's when the south bound train struck the man and knocked him out. Not only was this man not seriously hurt but when he came to he asked witnesses what had happened. All I can say is he had someone looking out for him and the next time you decide to cross some tracks please wait for the lights to shut off and the bars to go back up before crossing.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Camping and Cooking...

My son is in the Boy Scouts and three weekend ago we went on an overnight camping trip. Once we established camp we set about cooking our meals on our old Sterno fuel type stove. One of the kids had a camping stoves that burned wood. It was compact, sturdy, and burned the wood giving off little smoke, I liked that! There was plenty of wood laying around and I thought that's a good idea. Our overnight camping adventure went well and the next time we go camping I will have one of these wood stoves.

Fort Defiance...

Few people today recognize the importance of Fort Defiance in American history. It is from this place that General Anthony Wayne lead an army against the Indians and defeated them in a battle called Fallen Timbers in present day Maumee Ohio thus acquiring the territory that is now the states of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. I visited Fort Defiance Dec. '06 and took this pictures. There is not much left to see.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Let The Holiday Shopping Begin...

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Toledo Metropark: Side Cut

Side Cut is one of nine natural area of the Toledo Metroparks totaling more than 6,700 acres. The Metropolitan Park District of the Toledo Area, a separate political subdivision of the State of Ohio, was founded in 1928 and is governed by a three-person Board of Park Commissioners who serve without pay. Funding for the operation and improvement of the Metroparks is derived chiefly from voter support of a small property tax levy. At the heart of Side Cut Metropark are the remnants of the old Maumee Side Cut Canal consisting of six limestone locks. In 1843, these connected the main line of the Miami and Erie Canal with the City of Maumee's wharves once located near today's Edison Club. Three complete locks still stand in the Metropark and there size is awesome.

Ecommerce Shopping Cart

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The United States Army

Since its official birth on 14 June 1775-over a year before the Declaration of Independence-the United States Army has played a vital role in the growth and development of the American nation. Drawing on both long standing militia traditions and recently introduced professional standards, it won the new Republic's independence in an arduous eight year struggle against Great Britain. During the Civil War it preserved the Union through four years of bitter conflict that turned brother against brother. It has repeatedly defended the United States against external threats, from the "second war of independence" with Great Britain in 1812 through the ordeal that finally rid the world of the specters of Nazi totalitarianism, Japanese imperialism, and world communism. The defence of the nation has always been the Army's primary mission but not its only one. From the beginning the Army has been involved with internal improvements, natural disaster relief, economic assistance, domestic order, and a host of other contingencies. The United States Army takes great satisfaction in knowing that when the nation was in need, it answered the call!

Get The Edge When Gambling...

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Monday, October 22, 2007

The War to End All Wars.....!

The world had seen nothing like it, and it was the hope of the survivors that their war was the "war to end all wars". This hope was dashed even before the Armistice, because the Great War-as its participants called it, in awed honour of its bloody magnitude-had let roll events which ripple to this day. Out of the four-year-conflict came the Russian Revolution, the rise of Hitler, the Second World War, the decline of Britain, the supremacy of America and the instability of the Middle East (even the 2003 Gulf War can be tracked back to the mandate over Iraq given to Britain at the 1919 Peace Conference). World War 1 the Forgotten War! Pictured above is the largest American World War 1 Cemetery at Romagne sous Montfaucon in north east France where over 14000 soldiers are laid to rest.

Bikes of My Youth

I live between two very popular bike trails and ride them often. Of the three bikes I have, one a 15 speed mountain bike and the other two are beach cruisers style bikes which are my favorite to ride on the trails. The sturdy construction, large balloon wheels, high handle bars "good for the back," and the big seat "good for the rear". Ride one of these bikes twenty mile and you'll know it! Great exercise without getting a sore back and rear. I invite my friends to ride all the time because there are no gears to change and they like riding at a leisurely pace. If you don't have a beach cruiser bike then get one and get outside for fun and life giving exercise.

The Forgotten War!

I have just finished reading “The Mammoth Book of Eyewitness World War 1” with over 180 first-hand accounts of the “war to end all wars”. I didn’t realize the magnitude of the war because it’s been nearly 90 years since it was fought and almost all of the participants are deceased. Has it become the Forgotten War? Despite the haunting images of Flanders’ trenches with “solders bent double like sacks”, the fighting was not confined to a corner of northwest Europe, but took in eastern and southern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and even China and Japan. Fifty million men from thirty nations donned uniforms. When the last bullet sounded on 11 November 1918, nine million of the combatants lay dead, alongside five million citizens. It has become the Forgotten War.

Aspiring Actors, Dancers, Models, Singers.......

Talent Rock is a company that provides a unique opportunity for talented singers, models, actors, dancers and comedians to attend an event and rock on stage in front of some of the top industry professionals and perhaps win cash prizes. At one of these unique contests, you get a chance to learn about the industry by attending workshops, meeting professionals in the business and networking with people who share the same love as you. These events are widely admired in all of the entertainment industries and they are also held at beautiful hotels in some of the top travel destinations. Talent Rock is looking for aspiring actors, dancers, models, singers are you one!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Lost Monument & Burial Documents!!!

I recently read in the Toledo Blade newspaper that an old building owned by Toledo's second oldest company (The Blade being the first) was being torn down at a later date. That news wasn't what got my attention, what did get my attention is the thousands of monument and burial records that were in the basement of the abandoned building that belonged to the Lloyd Bros. Walker Co. at one point. When the company relocated to 3111 West Sylvania Ave you would of thought that all of their items would of gone with them. To leave such documents behind and not attempt to retrieve them is nothing more then irresponsibility.

Mrs. Zywocki from Holland began salvaging records from the basement in early March, she was trying to get as much out as possible before vandals came in and potentially destroy what others would consider to be treasures of lost and loved ones. It got the point where she was threatened by the code enforcement officials to have her arrested for trespassing. City crews started removing the records in June, said Kattie Bond, acting director of the Department of Neighborhoods. That leaves the question What did the city crews do with these documents?

Insurance For That Teen Driver.....!

My daughter started driving recently and this week I received the first insurance bill. I wasn't in total shock only because I went online to compare car insurance and educated myself on what her driving was going to cost me in insurance. There were some good car insurance rates from large and small companies from all over America and if you included your home insurance coverage the savings are even greater. I decided to go with an insurance company close to home because I felt a local agent would be more inclined to see things my way if I need to file a claim.

Presidental Families: Andrew Jackson

The first president born in a log cabin, Andrew Jackson cultivated his frontiersman image. he was a dynamic military leader and his role in the defeat of the British at the Battle of New Orleans elevated him to a national hero. In 1824 he seemed destined to ride into the White House on his popularity. He did, receive the most popular and electoral votes, but did not receive a majority. The House of representatives decided the race if favor of John Quincy Adams, outraging Jackson's supports.

Review of Places Visited....

Trustedplaces is a community of real people located in London England, and like you and me, we all have opinions on places we have experienced in our daily lives. By being part of the community you can share your opinions on places that you know, trust and recommend or even avoid with all of your friends and their friends too. Discovering great new places is both fun and easy as you tap into all the recommendations shared by the TrustedPlaces community and it's also a great value as you enjoy special offers from participating businesses such as London restaurant. No matter where your at, Trustedplaces is the web site to find the beat and worst places in town. So give it a try the next time your going out and find out what is hot and what is not.

Good Idea.......!

Something like this could easily help neighborhoods out there keep drivers from going to fast down residential streets. If you're wondering what I'm talking about click on the title and read what I believe is an awesome idea. This gentleman creates life size cut outs of just about anything. He created a few kids and then placed them outside on his lawn by the road so that potential customers would get a close look of what he is creating. Well he noticed right away that most of the cars that usually drive fast on his road seemed to slow down because they thought that the cut outs were actual kids. He should try police cut outs. He's on to something and perhaps people will buy them to protect their neighborhoods.

Credit Cards......Pros and Cons

In today's world a credit card is a necessary tool and with all the options who's to know what card is right for you., a UK credit card comparison site is here to make that decision easier. Their best buy credit cards site is packed with all the credit card options and then some. Like their top rated cards, balance transfer options, latest news, rewards program just to mention a few. Credit cards are necessary for today busy lifestyle and its easy to fall into the credit card debt trap. However with the knowledge that CardGuide provides and a little self disipline a credit card is a great tool especially if you get airline miles.

NW Ohio Day Lily....!

This picture of a Day Lily was taken outside our office building and was taken with a 5 mega pixels Kodak EasyShare C340 camera. It is a beautiful flower!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Very Suprised!

In The Toledo Blade I read an article over the weekend and I found myself a bit lost and confused. A survey was done about America's Favorite Cities and guess what - Toledo was not in it - heck none of the cities in Ohio were mentioned. I even looked under the museum category and I found that Toledo Museum of Art didn't even get mentioned. Our museum got rave reviews and they won an award before but for some reason wasn't good enough to be mentioned in this list. Oh well, maybe next time Ohio will get a nod or something that would at least mention one of our cities. Residents of Ohio, please vote next time around.

Red Scream Horror Films

Red Scream Films LLC specializes in horror feature films for the domestic and foreign home entertainment markets. Their first film, Prison of the Psychotic Damned was shot on location in the Buffalo Central Terminal, an abandoned train terminal rumored to be haunted and was released in the Fall of 2006. Five ghost hunters spend the night in "The Terminal" a long abandoned train terminal located deep in the heart of Buffalo's notorious East Side ghetto. The Terminal is said to be haunted by all those who have died within its cold stone walls. What begins as a joke turns into a terrifying nightmare as the five are assaulted by hordes of psychotic dead. This film scared the heck out of me. They have several other scary features coming soon such as, Red Scream Vampyres, Red Scream Ghost Hunt, and FrightWorld. FrightWorld is kind of a serial killer movie along the lines of FRIDAY THE 13TH meets THE SHINING, I can't wait.

Monday, October 15, 2007

ARCA The Toledo Speedway!

Michael McDowell the rookie driver from Phoenix was left at the altar in this year's spring ARCA race at Toledo Speedway when, with just three laps to go, a teammate spun McDowell out, and he had to stumble to the finish in seventh place. At yesterday's Hantz Group 200, the final race of the season for the ARCA RE/MAX Series, McDowell started on the pole and led the bulk of the race. But he got hemmed in by slower traffic with fewer than 30 laps remaining in the 200-lap event, and James Buescher slipped by McDowell and into the lead. A series of caution periods hindered McDowell's efforts to overtake Buescher, and when the race was restarted a final time with just three laps to go, it looked like time was against McDowell and his frustration on the half-mile oval would continue.
"It was just bad luck here before and we had it won again, but we weren't going to give this one away," McDowell said. "It is hard racing all the way at these short tracks, and it takes all you've got to get the job done." McDowell made a move and got by Buescher with two laps remaining, and then stood on the gas the rest of the way to claim his fourth win of the year. This was an exciting race and my son and I had a good time.

Coupons, Coupons, Coupons......!

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Presidental Families: John Quincy and Louisa Adams

After his presidency John Quincy Adams could not contemplate the idea of "retirement" or resist the call of politics and public duty. He was elected to Congress from Massachusetts as a member of the Whig party, serving from 1831 until 1848, when he died shortly after collapsing on the floor of the House from a stroke. Known as "OLD MAN ELOQUENT" in his later years, he was a staunch and outspoken antislavery advocate.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

PhotoHunt #79: Smelly

This is the winner (#2 Michael McDowell/Phoenix, AZ) of the 2007 ARCA RE/MAX SERIES EVENT #23 at the Toledo Speedway Toledo Ohio. He burnt rubber for 2 minutes after his win and did it smell the perfect fit for Photohunt: Smelly

Friday, October 12, 2007

Starting A Business!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Presidental Families: John Quincy and Louisa Adams

The daughter of an American merchant and an English mother, Louisa Catherine Adams was the only first lady to be born outside the United States. John Quincy first meet her in France and for months he visited her family nightly, he always left when the daughters set down at the piano to play and sing. John Quincy hated the sound of the female voice in song, others appreciated Louisa's musical talent. Good music enhanced her evenings at home and contributed to her reputation as an outstanding hostess and help John achieve the presidency.

Holiday Cheer Coupon Chief is Here!

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Monday, October 8, 2007

55 Saudi Guantanamo Prisoners Releaced! Outragious!!!!

I read that The Saudi Arabian government will temporarily release 55 prisoners recently transferred from the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay and will give each of them $2,600 to celebrate the upcoming Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fit. Saudi interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz granted the temporary releases from detention centers in Saudi Arabia. The prisoners will return to police custody after the holiday and will be referred to Saudi courts at the end of this month for upcoming trials. I guarantee that some of them will run to Iraq to kill Americans and then with the Saudi governments help (control of the courts) all will go free.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

PhotoHunt #78: Curvy

Among the most beautiful and enigmatic of all prehistoric Indian remains is a group of objects which are called slate artifacts or merely slate. Slate artifacts such as pendants and gorgets have long been the most popular of all prehistoric Indian relics among collectors. The actual function of these slate pendants is not known and only through archaeological investigation can their true purpose be revealed. The three slate pieces pictured above (left to right) Keyhole pendant, Logan County, Ohio; Keyhole pendant, Ashland County, Ohio; Pentagonal pendant, Wood County, Ohio., have convex ends and concave sides making then the perfect fit for this weeks PhotoHunt: curvey

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Presidental Families: James and Elizabeth Monroe

In 1817 the Monroe's ordered a large gilded bronze plateau for the dinning room of the White House. Made in Parisian shop of Jean-Francois Matelin, it was described as "mat gilt with garlands of fruit and vines with figures of Bacchus and Bacchantes and pedestals in which are 16 figures presenting wreathes for receiving lights (candles) and 16 cups for changing at will, composed of 7 pieces altogether 13 feet 6 inches long, over 2 feet wide, set with its mirrors." Three baskets, a pair of urns, and a pair of stands accompanied it.

Cash for College

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Presidental Families: James and Elizabeth Monroe

The first Executive Mansion wedding was Maria Hester Monroe, James and Elizabeth's younger daughter, married her cousin, Samuel Gouverneur, in the executive Mansion on March 9, 1820. It was the first wedding of a presidential child to take place in the Executive Mansion. At seventeen, Maria had fallen in love with Samuel, who had come to live in the mansion with his mother, Hester, the first lady's sister, and worked as a presidential aide.
Eliza Monroe took charge of her sister's wedding plans and announced that the marriage would be held "New York Style." This meant that the guest list would be limited to family and a small number of close friends. Thus insulting cabinet members and foreign diplomats, prohibiting their attendance and their gifts, and alienating the groom.

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Presidental Families: James and Dolly Madison

In the days before formal political parties, the social networks of Washington were the same networks through which politics and diplomacy were conducted. Dolly defined a sphere of influence for women as hostesses of social events and stood at the juncture of public and private life (that of society) where women wielded enormous power through the ceremonial forms of dinners, receptions, and entertainments. As first lady (a term not in use until Hayes presidency), she presided over this sphere and set precedents for her successors. The dove parties she held were enjoyable ways to educate the wives of government officials about the political issues of the day so that they could take a knowledgeable part in the social and political lift of the city.

The Week Digest from the UK

We Americans love the British especially their witty prospective of life and the world in general and it comes as no surprise that the digest The Week launched in 1995 as an antidote to media clutter and information overload is continuing that tradition. The Week is a unique digest bringing together the best of the British and foreign press. Designed to be read in just 1 hour, ideal for today's busy lifestyle, it provides you with everything you need and want to know about world events from an independent, unbiased, British perspective. Every issue features everything from arts, sports, leisure and travel reviews. To introduce you to The Week Magazine - Take a FREE trial! is being offered for 6 free issues to introduce you to this witty digest.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Do You Speak Teen?

In the USA today was an interesting article asking the question Do You Speak Teen? The teen message is a text message and reads "mnE Ps dnt bleev der is a gNR8N d/c b/t em n thr teen". Translation: "Many parents don't believe there is a generation disconnect between them and their teen". How much do parents really know about their teen's world? Well I don't speak teen but I do speak green. Translation: Text messaging is costing parents lots of money for a fad.

Online Betting

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GOP Senator Domenici to Retire

Reading the USA today I noticed an article Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., won't seek re-election next year. He would be the fifth Republican senator to decline to seek a new term. I wonder if his decision has anything to do with his unprecedented intervention in the Federal Prosecutor firing fiasco?

Learn the Numbers!

Something that just about any parent can use today to help their kids are
Math Tutors. The help that is provided from Score Center can be a huge stepping stone for the child during their developmental stages. If you have a child that is 4 - 14 then please take the time to visit Score Center's website and learn what they can offer you and your child that is near you. Don't let this opportunity slip by.

Higher Pay to Disabled Vets!

Payments to disabled veterans should be increased by up to 25% as part of an overhaul to compensate a service member for lost 'quality of life" the Veterans Disability benefits Commission said. The government benefits system that provides millions of injured veterans with $30 Billion a year in payments is too focused on earnings losses, the congressional commission said. Its 2.5 year study concluded that the Defence and Veterans Affairs departments fall short in providing mental health care and timely disability payments.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Reading for Fun!

Reading books can open up a whole new world of imagination. If reading isn't something that your kids like to participate in then I suggest you try Score Learning Centers' Reading Tutors. With their help you will quickly see the change in your child's reading skills, their imagination and increased enjoyment of book reading. Visit their website to find the nearest location and help your child achieve.

Presidental Families: James and Dolly Madison

The British still angry about losing their colonies and threatened by American plans for expansion, attacked the United States and began the War of 1812. In 1814, British troops advanced into Washington. While the president was in Maryland directing the troops, Dolly received word the the British were advancing toward the President's House. She bravely saved state papers, silver, the famous Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington and other valuables, and fled to Virginia in a wagon just before the British burned the White House. Many in Washington talked if moving the capital back to Philadelphia, but Dolly immediately issues a public statement that the Madisons and the government would carry on as usual undeterred by the British destruction.

Innovative Tutors needed....

Here in NW Ohio we have a few programs that encourage kids to participate in tutoring younger students to help them grasp the lesson taught. What we need here in NW ohio is an excellent center that can offer an Innovative Tutor to each of those students that are from the ages of 4 through 14 that need that extra push in learning their studies. Score Learning Center isn't currently in Ohio but they are in other states near by. Pay them a visit and see what they can offer you and your family.

Army College Plan!

The United States Army plans to offer accredited college credit hours for its training programs with enough offerings that a soldier could retire with a bachelor's degree. The college of the American Soldier program is a recruitment tool as the Army seeks to expand its force. The Army is working with colleges to get its program accredited and hopes to have it running in February 08.
Under the plan, every recruit in basic training will have the option of obtaining a technical certificate in a skill such as welding or a potential 17 hours of college credit in leadership, first aid, and other areas.The idea being by the time your a staff sergent, somewhere between 6 and 10 years in the Army you're going to have your associate's degree. Those who continue in the service and retire as sergent or sergent major could earn a bachelor's degree. Along with the current educational incentives this will be the most educated Army in the world and a outstanding way to help service personal achieve goals that will last a life time.

My Sanctuary!

My Sanctuary is what I call my garage! Its my get away place in a very busy household. I have an area that is used to repair PC's and other electronics, an area for hand and power tools and an area just big enough to work on my car and other motorized machinery. My garage would be a mess if it wasn't for all the steel shelving and cabinets that help organize my limited space and I'm sure other garages could use shelving. The one complaint I have is I wish my garage was bigger!!

Gold Medal to Heart Surgeon

I read that the House of Representatives voted final congressional approval to award its highest civilian honor to Michael DeBakey, the heart surgeon who pioneered coronary bypass surgery in 1964. DeBakey, 99 is chairman emeritus of the Baylor College of Medicine and has operated on more than 60,000 patients, is the recipient of numerous honorary degrees and awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the National Medal of Science. The Congressional Gold Medal has been awarded to about 300 individuals since the first was given to George Washington in 1776. Congressional Gold Medal's are created by the United States Mint to specifically commemorate the person and achievement for which the medal is awarded. Each medal is therefore different in appearance and there is no standard design for a Congressional Gold Medal.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

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Presidental Families: Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson second surviving daughter, Martha was the beauty of the family, but very frail. Polly as she was called, married John Wayles Epps in 1797 and on April 17, 1804, shortly after childbirth she died at her home in Virginia. Polly most likely died of childbed fever, a common infection in that period, for which there is no cure, and which often took the lives of women who had just given birth. President Jefferson's own wife, Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson died after childbirth many years before. The president arrived at Polly's home just before she died, and was grief stricken at her death. She was only twenty-five years old.

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Presidental Families: Thomas Jefferson

President Jefferson having been a widower for nineteen years when he was elected president, and because in that day it was thought improper to have a gathering of mixed company without a hostess had two first ladies. He asked his eldest daughter Martha Jefferson Randolph, to act as his hostess when she visited the President's House from their home in Monticello. He also requested Dolly Madison, the wife of his close friend and ranking cabinet officer, James Madison, to be his hostess.

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Presidental Families: Thomas Jefferson

Instead of weekly levees and drawing rooms socials held by his predecessors, President Jefferson decided to hold only two public receptions a year. One on New Year's Day and another on the Fourth of July. He held his first reception at the President's House (wasn't called the White House until after the War of 1812) on July 4,1801. The public was invited to attend and President Jefferson received his guest in what is now the Blue Room. Instead of bowing to his guest, which he thought aristocratic, he shook hands with them, a far more democratic gesture. Many who came were astonished to find in attendance five Cherokee Indian chiefs, who were in Washington to celebrate a new tready of friendship with the government.
The Fourth of July reception in 1803 was notable because it was a double celebration. President Jefferson announced the purchase of the Louisiana Territory, which virtually doubled the size of the United States with the stroke of a pen.