Saturday, January 19, 2008

PhotoHunt # 93: Important

Providence Dam located on the Maumee River was built in 1838 to provide water for the Ohio and Erie canal and played an important role in the development of Ohio. When the canal opened it provided a way for farmers to get their crops to the world and help turn this region into a bread basket. Providence Dam played an important role in that event.

Need Cash Fast.....

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Online help for Vets' Pension Program

I recently ran across an article about vets and how there is an easier way to apply for pension benefits. So I looked into it and this is what I found. Project VetAssist a private non-profit organization offering free on line service, guides vets and their survivors applying for the VA Improved Pension Program. The website provides forms to download and step-by-step advice to complete them and the approciate VA office to send your forms.
Financially limited veterans who are 65 or older or physically disabled...and had at least 90 days of service during World War II, Korea, Vietnam or Gulf wars....can apply for the pension program.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Valentine saving coupons!

Valentine Day is right around the corner and I don't know about you..but its either chocolates, flowers, or lingerie for me. Coupon Chief is a big help in that department because their online coupons are updated every day to save you money. A good site to visit is coupons buy 1 dozen roses, get 6 free or how about Bare Necessities coupons for those bare necessities for your loved one. Don't wait...Valentine Day will be here soon and you don't want to disappoint your someone special.

The money

Three years ago I took an advanced Visual Basic programming course at The University of Toledo and was very surprised at what it cost to take one 4 hour class. Today I read that college costs have risen 48% faster than the consumer price index since 1983. According to Forbes the federal government is at least partly to blame, because of federal tax credits, grants, and deductions and government subsidized loans have soared 151% over the past 10 years after inflation to $94 billion. Forbes reports that success on that front may owe something to their investment on lobbying, where they've outspent the real estate and oil and gas industries over the last 10 years. My wallet tells me that the cost can't keep going up, it has to slow but then again I will pay almost any price for my childern to graduate college.

Refinance Now...!

Need help with your mortgage, considering a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage, looking for ways to save money on your existing mortgage, trying to consolidate your loans, need a auto loan, payday loan then Florida Refinance is here to help you. Complete one form to be matched up with 5 that's free enterprise at work. Its powered by SecureRights so you know your information is safe and secure. This is your one stop mortgage web site and another tool to help you the consumer make wise choices when it comes to your money.

Intel Chips...getting smaller..

I recently read that Intel rolled out its newest generation of processors in November 2007, showcasing a sophisticated new process that crams up to 40% more transistors onto the company's chips. The most complex of the chips have 820 million transistors, compared with 582 million on chips using the current standard technology. Its difficult for me to perceive the smallness to the transistors and yet they keep getting smaller...awesome!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Detoxify your body...

I have seen info commercials on this product and wondered how its works and after visiting Oxy Powder web site have learned that Colon Cleansing is a good way of getting rid of toxin's in the body and a key to maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. Used to cleanse, refresh, and detoxify the colon by getting rid of waste clogging the colon Oxy Powder is good as it gets. I guess the other alternative is a good old-fashioned enema...those are not fun. If you suffer from bloating, bad breath, gas, and a weak immune system then give Oxy Powder a try and see if this product doesn't help alleviate these symptoms.

Freedoms Cost....

I read in the paper today that 3923 American Solders have died in combat operations in Iraq since the beginning of hostilities. The human sacrifice for this flag is very high. I pray its not in vain. God Bless This Flag.

Bad Credit Loans...

Lets face it...tough times are in America for a lot of good people. Easy money was to be had and like a drug its the bill is due what is one to do?bad credit loans may be an option to help get you back on your feet and financially sound. Its not easy but with their credit repair and debt relief program you can make a rebound go you can get into debt again....what a vicious cycle!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Railroad Bridge Across The Maumee River

While walking the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath I came across this abandoned railroad bridge, thinking of my friend Greg who likes anything associated with the railroads I took this picture.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

PhotoHunt # 92: Skinny

Oak Openings Metropark Swanton, OhioIf you look hard enough you can find all PhotoHunt themes in nature. These pines were planted in the 30's and over the years have grown very tall and skinny. You should see them sway when the wind blows...incredible.

Internet Dating...

My daughter has started dating and that scares the the heck out of me. I trust my daughter and her judgement but she did tell me that she and her friends visit the Dating Site regularly. Several sites they have visited are eHarmony, matchmaker, and Perfect Match. They tell me its all the rage and everyone is online meeting people for fun and for serious relationships. These are certainly new times and with Prime Dating Sites resource tools you have all the top dating services available on one site with extensive reviews. Check this site interesting and packed full of information to help you find a companion.

U.S. Army College Plan...Bachelor's Degree!

The United States Army plans to offer accredited college credit hours for its training programs with enough offerings that a soldier could retire with a bachelor's degree. The college of the American Soldier program is a recruitment tool as the Army seeks to expand its force. The Army is working with colleges to get its program accredited and hopes to have it running in February 08.
Under the plan, every recruit in basic training will have the option of obtaining a technical certificate in a skill such as welding or a potential 17 hours of college credit in leadership, first aid, and other areas. The idea being by the time your a staff sergent, somewhere between 6 and 10 years in the Army you're going to have your associate's degree. Those who continue in the service and retire as sergent or sergent major could earn a bachelor's degree. Along with the current educational incentives this will be the most educated Army in the world and a outstanding way to help service personal achieve goals that will last a life time.

Massage Chair for the home...

After a hard days work...most people want to get home and relax...kick off their shoes, grab a drink and kick back in their favorite recliner. Well about doing that except...this time your relaxing in a Massage Chair by Human Touch. Human Touch engineers have developed an advanced Robotic Massage system that expertly replicate the hands and techniques of expert massage professionals along with a very appealing array of styles and colors to choose from. The HT 100, and the HT 7120 were the most appealing massage chairs to me. The 1659 style looked more like a traditional recliner very comfortable and inviting. All of these massage chairs with their three-dimension movements duplicate the techniques of the professionals helping sore and tired muscles feel rejuvenated. Human Touch massage chairs are quality health aid tools desiged to help you rejuvenate and feel good about yourself. So if your in the mrket for a recliner check out Human Touch massage chairs.

Veterans Medical Issues....

To all veterans of the United States Military if you have any medical issues that are not being addressed I would encourage to visit the following link: Veterans Affairs This link will help you in starting to understand the procedures required to help you to receive earned VA medical care. The most important issue to remember is to call or write your local VA Rep. and request parer work to process a medical claim. All major cities in the U.S. have VA clinics where veterans can go for immediate care for colds and flu that sort of thing. In Toledo Ohio the address is Toledo VA Outpatient Clinic 3333 Glendale Ave. phone number 419-259-2000. I encourage all veterans to take care of their bodies and seek preventive medical attention such as a check up, blood pressure, and all other issues.

Friday, January 11, 2008

$8 Prescription Eyeglasses...

If your in the market for spectacles (glasses) then you need to give Great Discovery: a try for stylish prescription glasses online. They have it all bifocals, single lens, prescription tinted sunglasses, sun sensor glasses, along with a very large selection of frames. Zenni Optical secret is they sell their own manufactured frames...with no middleman and for $8 bucks what have you got to loose.

Morning Exercise...

8 point buck in local park

During lunch I went to the park and walked the trails and ran upon this beautiful creature. I counted 8 points! He stood there until I left which was perhaps 3 minutes. He is not frighten of people. I don't think that is a good idea on his part.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Miracle Weight Loss...

If you are experiencing severe weight issue and have tried all the latest fads and pills then tampa weight loss Lap-Band surgery is for you. This miracle procedure will help you lose that weight and help you regain that zest for life. The LAP-BAND System is the safest, proven weight-loss surgery available today and is a miracle weight loss tool.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The cost of Freedom....

American Flag
As of Monday 3912 American Solders have died in combat operations in Iraq since the beginning of hostilities. The human sacrifice for this flag is very high. I pray its not in vain. God Bless This Flag.

Stuart Semple...Killer Artwork

A new artist that is taking the celebrity world by storm is Stuart Semple a contemporary English artist, based in London. He created an artwork that incorporate gigantic paintings including mix song lyrics with cartoons and slick fashion shoot style imagery...something along the lines of Andy Warhol. Visit and review this artist killer, bold, bright, in your face work. The colors are bold and the themes are thought provoking as demonstrated by tiny slice of the state of mind (2006) exhibit. A series of 9 images that are bold, provocative, and clearly intended to relay a message and a responce.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

PhotoHunt #91: Delicious

Everyone in my home loves candy especially chocolate. Now I don't know if you would call them delicious but they sure are good...and is my PhotoHunt entry for this week.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

St. Andrews Presbyterian College...

I took this photo around 9:20am Christmas Eve. The conditions were perfect for this shot and my walk throught this Liberal Arts college. The grounds are ideal for walking and Lake Moore provides great landscapes in the early morning.

SSH Secure Connectivity

Pragma Systems, out of Austin Texas, is a leading provider of remote access and security software for Microsoft Windows and Windows Mobile devices. Pragma is an industry leader in SSH Telnet technology and offers the most popular SSH and TelnetServer for Windows. Pragma's secure connectivity product solutions are ideal for keeping you connected to that remote PC collecting value real time data. The company's end to end solutions of servers and clients on the desktop and mobile devices provide highly secure access to supply chain, distribution and warehouse applications over wireless, LAN, WAN, and mobile networks. If your looking for secure conectivity, secure and easy file transfer technology then Pragma Systems is a proven leader and one that must be considered.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Day Walk.....2008

Ohio and Erie CanalOn New Years Day 2008 I walked the towpath of the restored Ohio & Erie Canal located in Grand Rapids Ohio. This portion of the restored canal starts at Providence Metropark and goes for about a mile ending at Kimble's Landing where starting in May the public can ride a restored canal boat. A very nice walk on a brisk cool day.