Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Stuart Semple...Killer Artwork

A new artist that is taking the celebrity world by storm is Stuart Semple a contemporary English artist, based in London. He created an artwork that incorporate gigantic paintings including mix song lyrics with cartoons and slick fashion shoot style imagery...something along the lines of Andy Warhol. Visit www.StuartSemple.com and review this artist killer, bold, bright, in your face work. The colors are bold and the themes are thought provoking as demonstrated by tiny slice of the state of mind (2006) exhibit. A series of 9 images that are bold, provocative, and clearly intended to relay a message and a responce.

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Anonymous said...

"Taking the celebrity world by storm"?! What a tool. Semple is a cipher in the art world. His work is utterly shallow and derivative. No one would pay attention to him but for the fact that he is such a whoring self-promoter. I mean, his "manager" is Uri Geller, the charlatan and fraudster. That should tell anyone all they need to know.