Saturday, December 29, 2007

PhotoHunt # 90: Messy

Entrance to the Ohio & Erie CanalThis image was taken at Providence Metropark in Grand Rapids, Ohio three days ago. I find it disturbing that this trash is allowed to accumulate and nothing is done about it. I suspect the park officials hope that the river floods and takes this messy sight with it. It is absolutely amazing what the river will wash up.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Blewett Falls Dam...

Blewett Falls DamI have fished at this dam since my youth and the memories I've made here are immeasurable. Blewett Falls Lake may be the largest undeveloped land-locked lake on the east coast and is the storage reservoir for the Blewett Falls Hydroelectric Development. The Blewett Falls dam is located at approximately mile 195 on the Yadkin-Pee Dee River in Anson and Richmond counties in central North Carolina. The dam has a maximum height of about 50 feet above the river bed.
The Blewett Falls development began operation in 1912 and is owned and operated by Progress Energy. The surface area of Blewett Falls Lake covers about 2,560 acres. At full elevation Blewett Falls Lake contains approximately 34 linear miles of shoreline. Total generating capacity of the hydroelectric plant is 22 MW.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Lunch....Roche de Boeuf....

Roche de BoeufThe rock was used by Native Americans as a place to hold their councils, and they met there before the battle with Anthony Wayne in 1794. The General built Fort Deposit on the nearby bluff of the river now a park in Waterville Ohio. The bridge was completed in 1908 and was considered an engineering marvel, and there was a lot of opposition to its partial destruction of the legendary rock (even then some people cared). An electric trolley ran across it connecting Toledo to points south for the next 30 years.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Reflex Limited....Your Audio Visual Equipment Specialist.

Are you looking for an audio visual company that delivers superior products, service, and has built up strategic relationships with all the major manufacturers and distributors in the audio visual industry which means they can source virtually any audio visual product. Need projectors, control systems, flat screen displays, video and audio conferencing in a one-stop-shop, competitive pricing, fully supported environment. a UK company is the company and has accommodated several large corporations including the British Army and Navy with audio visual equipment and installations of the highest standards to ensure realistic training without the confines, and expense of actual maneuvers. Their goal is to offer their clients solutions based around the latest technology and products and to deliver them to the very highest standards. It's the same kind of audio visual technology that the United States Navy used training me to basically handle every type of emergency that a submarines can encounter when I was in the service. We were able to pick any harbor in the world and instantly able to navigate it becoming familiar with all the know obstacles and terrain. It was all displayed in a 360% panorama view. It was awesome watching objects float by and we were in a simulator. the technology for that is really something to behold and is on the cutting edge

Sunday, December 16, 2007

NW Ohio Winter Storm.....

Snow cover trail in Oak Openings Metropark Swanton, OhioThis winter storm barreled thought NW Ohio dumping 7 inches of snow in our area over a 18 hour period Saturday night into Sunday Morning. Sunday afternoon I managed to get into Oak Openings Metropark and walked this snow covered 2.5 mile trail. The crunch of snow under my feet along with the swirling winds rattling the upper branches of the trees made my adventure wonderful.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

PhotoHunt # 88: Tiny

These tiny creatures are hands down the the toughest creatures in nature. This Ant colony was photograph in the local Metropark near Swanton Ohio and is my entry into this weeks PhotoHunt. I keep an eye on these tiny creatures because they really interst me.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I know of several people that have had Lap-Band surgery and in every case there has been a dramatic improvement in health and quality of life. In the Houston area of the country conroe lap-band is performend by Dr. Richard Collier and is the only adjustable and completely reversible weight-loss surgery out there. No matter where you live in the good old USA if your health related issues are due to weight, then don't hesitate to improve the quality of your life by having the LAP-BAND procedure done.

The cost of freedom...

I read in the paper today that 3888 American Solders have died in combat operations in Iraq since the beginning of hostilities. The human sacrifice for this flag is very high. I pray its not in vain. God Bless This Flag.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


There is a new kid on the block actually its a new news and community Web site based on the beach culture. That's surfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding, apparel pretty much anything associated with the beach brought to you by Located in sunny Orlando, Florida has the pulse of the surfing world with their twice yearly trade shows. From California to Florida, from Hawaii to Australia pros know where the waves are and the hot babes are. Sean O'Brien video about the 10 foot waves in North San Diego county and watching the surfers succeed in riding them was timely and interesting.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Maumee River: First Winter Snow

Maumee River, Side Cut Park, Maumee Ohio after the first snow of 2007
The first snow of the season was a small affair of about 2.5 inches. I went to the Maumee River at lunch and took this photo and placed on my desktop. Several people at the office have commented on it so I thought I would share it with my readers.

Online Finance Service...

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ice Storm in....NW Ohio

Cannonball Trail North Fork Oak Openings Metropark ice storm 2007
Saturday night we had a small ice storm that left everything covered in ice and kinda magical. I went for a walk in the local park and it turned out to be a chore. I didn't realize how slippery all the walking surfaces were. If you double click on the photo you will see a dark object in the distance on the pavement that was 3 deer crossing.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

PhotoHunt #87: Long

McKinley Memorial Summer of 2007The McKinley National Memorial, a landmark in Canton, Ohio, United States is the final resting place for the 25th President of the United States William McKinley and his wife Ida Saxton McKinley and visiting the McKinley Memorial this summer I was impressed with the long manicured lawns and the long row of steps leading up to the tomb. Simply Stunning...!

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs.....

The benefits of massage therapy have been known throughout the world for hundreds of years. In today’s fast-paced culture, nothing is better than the feel of a relaxing and therapeutic massage. That is why has devoted itself to bringing only the finest massage and wellness products to the market. Their strength comes from their experience and strong commitment to making high quality, effective HT 7450Zero Gravity Massage Chairs that help improve the quality of your life using their patented Human Touch Technology. Human Touch massagers are ideal for those who suffer from back pain, neck pain, arthritis, spinal pain, poor circulation,and diabetes-related foot problems. Human Touch chairs, calf massagers, massage ottomans, and accessories are ideal gifts for the stressed-out, over-worked, achy, and tired. Any technology that helps relieve stress especially one that interacts with the body is a good thing.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Marines trim request for MRAP vehicles....

I read that the Marines plan to buy fewer bomb-resistant vehicles than planned. The Marine Corps' requirement for Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles would drop from the planned 3,700 to about 2,400 the AP reported. About a month ago, Marine Commandant Gen. T. James Conway said he was concerned his force was getting too heavy. An Independebt study by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments questioned wheather the Pentagon was buying too many of the vehicles, which can cost as much as $1 million each. If one American Service man dies because of the lack of equipment it's an outrage.....!

Online Gambling....

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Friday Lunch...

Squirrel burying nut
For lunch I tried to find something special to photograph hoping to share a special moment with a friend. At the time I wasn't disappointed in my effort but I was in the results. However upon my return to the office and downloading the pictures I did manage to take I found one I wish to share.

Power Tools Professionals....

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Dec 7, 1941....a day in Infamy

Explosion of the forward magazine of the USS Shaw Dec 7, 1941The Imperial Japanese Navy's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in Oahu, Hawaii, severely damaged or demolished 19 American naval vessels, destroyed 188 aircraft, killed 2,280 American servicemen and 68 civilians, and wounded more than 1,000 military personnel. The following day, the US declared war on Japan. Pearl Harbor is now a national historic landmark; a memorial has been built over the sunken hulk of the USS Arizona.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Coupons, rebates, sales, and free shipping

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Thanksgiving Day Artifact Hunt...

Thanksgiving Day 2007 Artifacts found in NW OhioOn Thanksgiving Day my friend Paul invited me to walk two fields 100 acres each. This was our finding for that day. I found the two pieces on the left, the tip of a stone ax, and a point missing its tip. Paul found the killer Adena point (4,000 years old), a 1909 dime, a piece of slate (look closely see the drilled hole and tally marks) and a hide or bone scrapper, Paul was on a roll.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday lunch...

Fallen Timbers Battlefield Monument
I went to the Fallen Timbers Battlefield Monument and took this picture on a very cold winter day. The results of this battle gave the young expanding country room to grow. We acquired Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Presidental Families: Andrew Jackson

The East Room of the White House was completed and furnished, and the North Portico, began a few weeks after Jackson moved in, was finished in September 1829. Running water was installed in 1833. Most people today, accustomed to modern conveniences, cannot imagine the vast improvement in daily life this brought to the house.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

The cost of freedom....

American Flag

I read in the paper today that 3881 American Solders have died in combat operations in Iraq since the beginning of hostilities. The human sacrifice for this flag is very high. I pray its not in vain. God Bless This Flag.