Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Reflex Limited....Your Audio Visual Equipment Specialist.

Are you looking for an audio visual company that delivers superior products, service, and has built up strategic relationships with all the major manufacturers and distributors in the audio visual industry which means they can source virtually any audio visual product. Need projectors, control systems, flat screen displays, video and audio conferencing in a one-stop-shop, competitive pricing, fully supported environment. a UK company is the company and has accommodated several large corporations including the British Army and Navy with audio visual equipment and installations of the highest standards to ensure realistic training without the confines, and expense of actual maneuvers. Their goal is to offer their clients solutions based around the latest technology and products and to deliver them to the very highest standards. It's the same kind of audio visual technology that the United States Navy used training me to basically handle every type of emergency that a submarines can encounter when I was in the service. We were able to pick any harbor in the world and instantly able to navigate it becoming familiar with all the know obstacles and terrain. It was all displayed in a 360% panorama view. It was awesome watching objects float by and we were in a simulator. the technology for that is really something to behold and is on the cutting edge

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