Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday lunch.....

8 point buck in local park

During lunch I went to the park and walked the trails and ran upon this beautiful creature. I counted 8 points! He stood there until I left which was perhaps 3 minutes. He is not frighten of people. I don't think that is a good idea on his part

U.S. Army College Plan...

The United States Army plans to offer accredited college credit hours for its training programs with enough offerings that a soldier could retire with a bachelor's degree. The college of the American Soldier program is a recruitment tool as the Army seeks to expand its force. The Army is working with colleges to get its program accredited and hopes to have it running in February 08.
Under the plan, every recruit in basic training will have the option of obtaining a technical certificate in a skill such as welding or a potential 17 hours of college credit in leadership, first aid, and other areas. The idea being by the time your a staff sergent, somewhere between 6 and 10 years in the Army you're going to have your associate's degree. Those who continue in the service and retire as sergent or sergent major could earn a bachelor's degree. Along with the current educational incentives this will be the most educated Army in the world and a outstanding way to help service personal achieve goals that will last a life time.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Johnny Depp is on the lose again.....

Johnny Depp is on the lose again in Tim Burton's latest film, Sweeney Todd. Depp stars in the title role as a man unjustly sent to prison who vows revenge, not only for that cruel punishment, but for the devastating consequences of what happened to his wife and daughter. When he returns to reopen his barber shop, Sweeney Todd becomes the Demon Barber of Fleet Street who shaved the heads of gentlemen who never thereafter were heard from again. Sounds really scary so visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site and get all the details of this newest release.

I have seen many films by Johnny Depp, I even remember watching him on the television show 21 Jump Street where he played a young officer by the name of Tom Hanson. The great scene I remember was when his girlfriend was shot in a convenience store where he was not able to save her from being shot by a robber. He spent most of his time doing many tasks that would take him about 3.2 seconds to do. His line that stood with me was when he said "I could of saved her in 3.2 seconds but I did nothing". Now another movie that he did that I enjoyed watching and I purchased was Sleepy Hollow. Here Johnny plays what we know today as CSIs. Ichabod Crane was his name and solving murders was his game. The scene which I think was the greatest one was when Crane investigated his first murder in the quiet town of Sleepy Hollow, where he actually breaks out his "tools" to do his research. The line that I remember and cought my attention was when he said "The Horseman then came back to collect the head". The headless horesman....!

If I had to pick which film stood out the most I would have to say Sleepy Hollow. Please visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site and view the trailer and see that this will be a movie to watch and own. If you happen to be on MySpace then stop on over and visit visit Sweeney Todd on MySpace.

Treating Depression...

Someone I love dearly is suffering from depression and I can attest that the treatment of mood disorders is not a simple matter. It is not so simple as diagnosing depression and writing a prescription for Zoloft or Effexor. The individual causes of depression are diverse and poorly understood. The antidepressant medications used to treat it are just as diverse and matching a drug with an individual is not a clear cut decision. Individual symptoms, co-existing illness, tolerance of side-effects, and other medications previously tried are just a few factors that must be considered.

Coupons for the holidays....

Go-a-head and make that wish list for the holidays because is here with those holiday coupon codes. They have great coupons to some good merchants like BestBuy deals with all their wonderful electronics. They also have the ever popular Old Navy coupons for the fashionable clothing Old Navy is known for. So go-a-head and make that holiday list up and let help you save and enjoy the holidays.

Rodents not long for 'Rat Island'

Rat Island western viewI read today that scientists hope to rid an uninhabited Alaskan island of a rat infestation and make it hospitable to seabirds again. Rats first climbed ashore the island in southwest Alaska in 1780 after a rodent plagued Japanese ship ran aground. Since then the sound of birds has disappeared from Rat Island, as the 6.871 acre piece of rock was dubbed by a 19th-century sea captain. The rats feed on the eggs, chicks and adult seabirds that come there to nest. Biologists are hoping to begin exterminating the rodents next fall with poison dropped from helicopters. Stay tuned...!

Hotel Reservations Made Easy...

It's the time of year when everyone travels and making Hotel Reservations is sometimes a challenge especially with the wacky schedules we travel by. has all the hotels, motels, resorts, vacations rentals etc. packages you can think of with up to 70% off and not only in the U.S. but all over the globe. Next time you travel let book your dream vacation for less and spend the saving on the wife.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Veterans want airport's old name back.....

Harvey Cook [WWII photo]Reading the USA Today I read that a group of veterans is lobbying to have Indianpolis International reinstate its former name: Indianapolis Weir Cook Airport.
Harvey Weir Cook, born in Hnadcock County, Ind., was a aviator in both world wars. Assigned to the 94th Pursuit Squadron in World War I, Cook was credited with 7 victories including 4 balloons and earned two Distinguished Service Crosses. During World War II, he was killed in New Caledonia while flying a Curtiss P-40 during battle in 1943. Indianapolis renamed its airport in the 1970s for marketing purposes. Good Luck........Veterans!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Presidential Families: John and Abigail Adams…

Letter from John to AbigailPortions of letters between John Adams and his wife, Abigail, will be read at Faneuil Hall in Boston to mark publication of a book about the relationship of one of the nation’s most important founding couples. John and Abigail Adams wrote over a thousand letters to each other. They had plenty to tell one another during the months (sometimes years) that John was away from home helping found a new nation.
From their initial courtship in 1761 through their time as President and First Lady over three decades later, the couple shared insights on their lives and times. Among the readers: Sen. Edward Kennedy, D Mass., Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and former governor Michael Dukakis, and their wives.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Chili peppers are hot in medical studies….

Red Hot Chili PeppersI read that doctors are dripping capsaicin, the chemical that gives chili peppers their fire, directly into surgical wounds in an attempt to dull the pain for patients with nerve damage. How could something searing possibly soothe? The hope is that bathing surgically exposed nerves in a high enough dose will numb them for weeks, so patients suffer less pain and require fewer painkillers. The surgery experiment is one of a number of studies involving capsaicin along with dental injections that don’t numb the whole mouth, and scientists hope to begin testing it in patients with advanced cancers.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Final Thoughts......

Thanksgiving Day comes, by statute, once a year: to the honest man it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow.

-Edward Sandford Martin

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pass it On....

last will
A will is one of the most important documents you will ever have to prepare. Without one, state law will determine how your property is distributed, which may or may not be what your wishes would be. Here's what a will can do.

* Control how your assets will be given out at your death.
* Name a executor who will carry out the terms of your will and settle your estate.
* Choose the person to serve as guardian for your children, should you die while they are still minors. It also will ensure that any children with special needs continue to get the treatment they require.
* Direct that items precious to you, such as family heirlooms, are given to the people of your choice.

You aren't required to use an attorney to prepare your will. All you need to do is follow the rules specific to your state. Typically, the will must be signed in the presence of two witness, each of whom must be at least 18 years old. Some states require that a will be notarized. Still, you may want to be absolutely certain your will does what you want it to do. that makes a compelling case for consulting a lawyer experienced in estate planning matters, such as durable powers of attorney and health care proxies.

Finally remember to double check your retirement savings plan beneficiaries to be sure they match the ones listed in your will. If they are different, your plan assets will go to the people designated on your beneficiary form instead of those named in your will.

Australia here we come.....

I've always wanted to go to Australia and visit "Uluru" also known as Ayers Rock a large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory, in central Australia. Well a independent UK travel company can make that happen with their flights to Perth. Get fast answers from the people who have been there about cheap flights, holiday flights, or an Australian holiday. Contact DialAflight and get ready for that trip to the Australia......enjoy.

Princeton to return artifacts back to Rome..

psykterThe Italian Culture Ministry and the Princeton University Art Museum signed a deal for the returned eight disputed antiquities to Italy. It is Italy largest coup in efforts to recover treasures it says were looted from the country. Under the deal, the New Jersey museum will transfer legal title to Italy of eight artifacts, including pottery and sculpture from the Greek and Etruscan cultures. In exchange, Italy will loan Princeton other treasures of "equal historical-artistic interest." the two sides also will increase cultural cooperation through joint exhibitions and archaeological digs. Among the objects covered by the deal is a prized "psykter" a Greek vase made in Athens around 500 B.C. and imported by the Etruscan culture that dominated central Italy. Italian officials contend the vase was looted by tomb raiders and sold to Princeton for $350.000 in 1989 by an American art dealer.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Freeze it to Heal it...

Several years ago I was beating the side of a railroad car with a sledge hammer trying to free up some wet corn when my right forearm started getting sore. That night I used a leading brand to "ICE" it to help relieve the pain and soreness. This injury keeps recurring whenever I use my arm all day long and so I put "ICE" on when I get home and it helps my arm to feel better so I'm able to go the next day. That incident was several years ago and now a new and more effective product is available. Freeze It Gel products are a unique, effective pain reliever formulated to provide a variety of benefits for therapy, pain relief, exercise/training and overall comfort. The secret to Freeze It products is it contains ILEX, an herbal extract from a South American holly shrub. ILEX is used around the world in various health & wellness formulations and Freeze It topical analgesic does not use waxes, oils, aloe or petroleum resulting in a fast-acting, penetrating, long lasting pain reliever. Freeze It products can effectively help relieve pain from:
• Sore Muscles & Muscle Sprains
• Back, Shoulder, Neck Pain
• Arthritis
• Painful Ankle, Knee, Hip & Elbow Joints
• Muscular Strains
and you can use Freeze It products to relieve pain prior to:
• Massage Therapy
• Ultrasound treatments
• Rehabilitation Exercises
• Pre and Post Workout Stretch
I really could use a year's supply of Freeze It to help relieve my soreness and stiffness whenever my arm starts acting up or for those times when I twist the wrong way or just pull a muscle. Freeze It is a new product and one that will find its way into my medicine cabinet and a product that can help people who suffer chronic pain find relief from everyday minor announces in an over-the-counter medication that is safe and effective.

Patrick Henry Hughes

Patrick Henry Hughes and dad John HughesYesterday I meet two remarkable men Patrick Henry Hughes the ESPN Award Recipient of the Louisville Marching Band with his father Partrick John Hughes at CedarCreek Church, Perrysburg Campus. Patrick is a remarkable young man who was born without eyes and without the ability to fully straighten his arms and legs, making him unable to walk. Despite these circumstances Patrick has overcome these physical issues to excel as a musician and student. Patrick plays the piano, the trumpet and sings. He is a remarkable young man and it was my honor to shake his hand and offer encouragement to him and his dad.

Affordable Car Insurance...

Were all about affordable car insurance and saving money. Cost-U-Less Insurance Center is one of the largest and fastest growing insurance brokers in California asking the question...Do you want car insurance cheap? The answer has been an overwhelming "yes"! They offer to the residents of California over 100 cheap auto insurance programs to chose from and with over 600,000 customers they must be on the right track. Its just a matter of time before they go national and it will give the consumer one more option to help stretch that consumer dollar.

IRS has millions in unclaimed funds...

Fist full of moneyThe IRS is seeking more than 115.000 taxpayers who are due refund checks totaling more than $110 million. Most of the checks were returned to the IRS as undeliverable. The refunds can be claimed as soon as taxpayers update their addresses with the IRS. Taxpayers can check the status of refunds by using the “Where’s My Refund?” tool at or by calling 800-829-1954.

Wall Fountains for the Home...

Everyone loves the sound of running water especially in the home surrounded by plants and a relaxing atmosphere. The pleasant flow of water helps block background noise and enhance the tranquility and peacefulness of your indoor and outdoor areas. has a hugh selection of Wall Fountains for the home and garden, which require no special plumbing or electrical hookups and with free shipping via UPS and their hugh selection of wall and garden fountains this is the site for wall fountains.

Piggyback Wi-Fi......!

I read last Thursday that savvy consumers who piggy back wireless Internet networks have plenty of company. More than half of computer users, 54%, admit to using someones else's Wi-Fi access without permission, according to an online survey of 560people by computer-security firm Sophos. Results of the survey, taken Oct. 31 to Nov. 6th.
Many consumers fail to properly secure a home wireless connection with passwords and encryption, the survey reports. Allowing freeloading passers-by and neighbors to steal Internet access and slow down a network's performance. I would recommend designing networks with security in mind, as a safeguard from digital moochers and hackers. Also bear in mind that the average Wi-Fi signal in the home is only good for about 300 feet. So know who is around your home and be wise to your wireless security.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Curiously Awesome Products..

I was selected by payperpost to take part in an exciting and unusual post to sample several products and give my review. I really like the Video Fireplace DVD, I swore I could feel heat...! This would be great at a party playing on a large flat screen TV. What I like the most was the gourmet scented pencils made out of rolled recycled newspaper and all aspects of the product are made from recycled or environmentally friendly substances. I'm thing green here...! The smencil I received was the finest smelling (Grape) pencil I've ever came across. I was tempted to give it a taste text also but decided against that as being silly. Its smells great! The last product for sampling was fake snow! That's right fake snow..! Now that went over big with my son because we added it to a cup of water at the Detroit Red Wings Hockey Game Saturday night. Snow went everywhere covering several fans and I half to confess I was nervous but the fans were very gracious. I really like looking over these unusual products, they were fun to play with and sample.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

PhotoHunt # 84: I Love _____>>

I love pictures of landscapes especially mountains and streams. This was taken in West Virginia during my summer vacation and is this weeks entry for PhotoHunt.

AMA urges umbilical cord blood donating

I read today that The American Medical Association adopted new guidelines last week to encourage pregnant patient to donate their babies umbilical cord blood to public cord-blood banks. the stem cells in cord blood have the potential to save lives. They re the same stem cells that make up the bone-narrow transplants that help many people service certain cancers and other diseases. But cord blood is more easily transplanted into unrelated people and can be ready for use quickly. About 50,000 cord blood donations are stored in more than 20 U.S. public banks. The National Cord Blood Inventory aims to triple that number.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Last Minute Hotel Rooms..

The last several years I have had to travel for the company I work for at a moments notice and therefore I usually half to book a hotel room at the last minute along with airfare, and auto rental. Sometimes it is very stressful making these arrangements especially if your in the road or your not familiar with the location of my destination. Last Minute Hotel Rooms is a UK company that specializes in last minute short breaks in the UK. This site has bargain breaks, romantic breaks, health and beauty breaks, golf breaks, even shopping breaks. This site is loaded with hotels for all price ranges, locations, and those special breaks we all need every now and again or that short unplanned business trip. Now something like that would be great for when I half to travel to Mexico on business at short notice, because I don't know the local area much less the language. To have information at the touch of a few strokes about my location and accommodation's in one central location on the web is a great idea and one that should be embraced by business and the traveler that wants a pleasant and uneventful business experience.

Processor Chips to Have More Transistors....

Intel rolled out its newest generation of processors on Tuesday Nov 13th, showcasing a sophisticated new process that crams up to 40% more transistors onto the company's chips. The most complex of the chips have 820 million transistors, compared with 582 million on chips using the current standard technology. Its difficult for me to perceive the smallness to the transistors and yet they keep getting smaller...awesome!

Blogger Business Cards.....

Everyone is trying to get exposure for their blogs and one way is to think outside the box with Free blogger cards. These cards are the latest and greatest way to attract new readers and network with other bloggers. Your blogger card allows you to leave your URL outside the digital world and their unique tag cloud can be personalized to focus on key words that are important to you and your blog. Act now and receive 100 free cards (pay shipping) or better yet blog about web site and receive a voucher for free shipping. Want exposure....think outside the box.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Veterans Day Stirs Memories...

For more that 30 years on Veterans Day (formerly Armistice day), my memories mostly have been with buddies who served with me in the U.S. Navy. This week while I'll remember them as always, I'm more stirred up by what keeps happening in the "War without End" in Iraq. Comparisons of U.S. troop involvements:

* World War I - One year, seven months, five days
* World war II - Three years, eighth months, 26 days
* Iraq - Four years, seven months, 20 days and counting

Announcement this week that U.S. military deaths in Iraq this year already have exceeded and previous year should wake up even the most blindly patriotic that this is a tragic misadventure that must end.
We invaded Iraq with faulty intelligence or under false pretenses in March 2003. president Bush declared "Mission Accomplished" in May that same year. Yet, more than four years later our servicemen and women keep dying in record numbers.

Mesa Arizona Here We Come!

Its the middle of November and spring is in the air. Spring Training tickets to the Chicago Cubs Cactus League spring games are now available. Let Team One Tickets & Sports Tours connect you with the Chicago Cubs spring games in Mesa Arizona. Team One Tickets & Sports Tours has been in the business of acquiring premium event tickets since 1979 and has over 28 years built their reputation on customer service, dependability and great prices. If you follow the Cubs then there is no better place to start the 2008 season than in Mesa Arizina on Feb 27th for what will be a very exciting year for Cub fans.

Earliest Chocolate Drink Found..

Residents of Central America were enjoying chocolate drinks more than 3,000 years ago, some 500 years earlier than previously thought, new research shows. Archaeologists studying the remains of pottery used in the lower Ulua Valley in northern Honduras about 1100 B.C. report finding residue that contained theobromine, which occurs only in cacao plant, the source for chocolate. The style of pottery indicates cacao was served at important ceremonies to mark weddings and births, according to the National Academy of Science.

Merchants Coupons...

This year is going to set all Internet sales records so why not be smart and grab Online Coupons when you serf your favorite merchants and save money. The site is updated on a daily basis with offers from hundreds of merchants and visitors to the site DO save money using these coupons. I like BestBuy deals for all my electronic needs and Dell coupons for my computer needs. Both sites are loaded with coupons and the site's layout is very simple so that novice users will be able to locate coupons quickly.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sunset over NW Ohio....

Since the time change I haven't been able to see many sunsets because it's dark when I get off work. This fall sunset was taken in Farm Country! Mile after mile of flat land with little trees. I have a friend that is afraid of corn fields (city dude). He thought you eat this corn...! I pointed out that most corn grown is for feed (animals), ethenal (hugh merging market) and not human consumption.

Citizenship for foreign-born troops...

Sixty U.S. service members from countries including Cuba, Ethiopia, the Phillippines and Vietnam became American citizens on Monday during a ceremony at a U.S. military base in Bagram, Afghanistan,
"There is no better way to recognize the sacrifices they are making here than to grant them the right to call themselves U.S. Citizens," said Army Maj. Gen. David Rodriguez, commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan.
A day earlier nearly 180 U.S. solders in Iraq were sworn in as U.S. citizens during a ceremony at the Balad Air Base, 50 miles north of Baghdad.
Citizenship is not required for the military, but serving in the armed forces is a way to qualify for citizenship. The United States military is in the beginning stages of becoming an mercenary army. When the citizen's of a great nation don't step up and we resort to lower standards to fill the ranks we are in trouble.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sensitive Teeth No More...

I was selected to participate in a payperpost opportunity and blog about my experience with a sample of ‘Biotene’ toothpaste for sensitive teeth & cavity protection.
I had some dental work done several months ago, the results of which left one tooth very sensitive to heat and especially cold anything. So I start using a national brand of sensitive toothpaste and felt I was making slow, slow progress toward healing that sensitive tooth.
I have been using biotene for 10 days and here are my observations on this new and exciting product. The tube is brightly colored so it is easy to spot lying jumbled up with other like products. The active ingredient is the same as in the national brand but ‘boitene’ has added dry mouth protection and gentle low foaming which made for a better brushing experience for me. The toothpaste tasted like bubble gum and left a pleasant taste in my mouth so I started applying small amounts directly to the tooth and leaving it on until it dissolved and that is when I noticed a difference in the sensitivity of that tooth. I will be looking for ‘biotene’ sensitive toothpaste in the stores because that new product actually helped my sensitive tooth.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Honoring Veteran Lori Piestewa

Army Pfc. Lori Piestewa (1973-2003)was the first female U.S.soldier killed in the Iraq war and the first Native American woman killed in combat. Her memorial in a tiny cemetery outside Tuba City, Arizona serves as a reminder that almost every community in America has a local hero to whom people can pay their respects.

’36 Olympic gold medalist dies…

John Woodruff, who joined Jesse Owens as Black Americans who won gold medals in the face of Adolf Hitler and his “master race” agenda at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, has died, said Rose Woodruff, his wife of 37 years. He was 92. Woodruff nicknamed “Long John” for his long stride was a lanky 21-year-old freshman at Pittsburg when he landed into the Olympics. On August 4, 1936, he won the 800 meters using one of the most astonishing tactics in Olympic history. Boxed in by the pack of slow-runners, he literally stopped in his tracks, then moved to the third lane and passed everyone.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Photo Hunt # 83 Flexible

Life sometimes requires one to be flexible like water flowing over, under, around obstacles and never giving up.

Don Imus to Return to Air….

Shock jock Don Imus will return to the airwaves Dec. 3 for the morning drive-time show on New York’s WABC-AM, Citadel Broadcasting announced Nov 1. Imus was fired in April after making racist, sexist remarks about the Rutgers woman’s basketball team. Hopefully this past episode will encourage Mr. Imus to using his wit in the Mark Twain tradition without malice and prejudice!

Marathon runners listen up….

Trade that holiday sugar rush for a runner’s rush and start training for the finish line at one of theses picturesque winter marathon destinations. Runners World recently listed the top 10 winter marathons and their locations.

• Las Vegas Marathon & Half Marathon: Dec 2
• ING New Your Marathon:
• California International Marathon: Dec 2
• Honolulu Marathon: Dec 9
• Wellstone’s Dallas White Rock Marathon: Dec 9
• ING Miami Marathon & Half Marathon: Jan 27
• Catalina marathon: March 15
• P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon & Half Marathon: Jan 13
• Marathon of the Palm Beaches: Dec 2
• BI-LO Myrtle Beach Marathon: Feb 16

Smart Credit Good Credit...!!

My daughter is maturing into a responsible adult and has recently been asking me about opening her own checking account in order to get access to her hard earned money quicker. So I have been trying to pass some of the financial wisdom that I have learned the hard way. I have stress to her that when someone plays with your money they play with your emotions. She said "I already know that!". Smarter than I thought! I then stressed to her that sometime because of thing we can't control (medical bills, gas, no job) money issues get out of hand and that almost everyone no matter who they are will at some time in their live experience financial hardship. It is at those time that you may need creditor harassment help and the first thing to know is where to go for quality help. At CareOne Credit Counseling their expertise can and will help you get that credit issue off your back. This web site has everything to help you survive a very tough time. They offer debt relief plans, debt management guides, credit counseling and online debt consolidation that can lower your monthly payment by up to 57%.

When you're in debt, it can be difficult to see your way out. Fortunately, there is plenty of help available and you have a number of options. Unfortunately, there is no one solution that is right for everybody. If you need credit counseling this site has the information and tools to make you credit smart with, newsletters, real life experiences from real people, tip jar to make every dollar count. There is help for us debt worry consumers so don't get discouraged because its a never ending cycle. Gotta love capitalism!

Now like I was saying to my daughter its better not to get into that situtation and I encourage her to save and to have her own and separate accounts all her life so she is in charge of that very emotional issue called money.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Navy to Help Crew Ship Freed by Somali Privates

I read in the USA Today that Somali pirates released a Taiwanese fishing vessel they held for more than five months, a U.S. Navy spokeswoman said. A warship escorted the Ching Fong Hwa 168 out of Somali waters, and naval personnel gave the crew food and medical aid, said Cmdr. Robertson of U.S. 5th Fleet headquarters in Bahrain. Two ships hijacked in May were freed Sunday after naval personal spoke to the pirates by radio. The Navy was in contact with two remaining ships held in Somali waters, Robertson said. "We encourage pirates to leave the ships," she said "We tell them, "you get in the skiff, you leave, you do not take any hostages.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Indian Protesters Face Arraignment..

American Indian Movement activist Russel Means and dozens of followers are scheduled for arraignment Nov 6th in Denver, accused of resisting arrest during a Columbus Day parade protest. They view Columbus' discovery of the Americas as harmful to Indian Culture.

Ice Road Truckers: Starts Nov. 20th....

This is the story of six truckers who work two months a year delivering supplies and equipment to Canada's diamond mines near the Artic Circle. They set out from Yellowknife, Northern Territories, on a 350-mile road that is frozen for about eight weeks before melting back into lake water. Conditions are extermely dangerous and brutal-the ice can crack, whiteouts make driving impossible, there are days and nights of isolation, temperatures can dip to minus 60 degrees. The payoff for this extreme environment: big money for a short period of work. Top guys get about $35.000 to $40.000 (they get paid about $2,000 a load). This will be the second season of the ultimate reality show aired on the History Channel.

Ice Thunderstorm Rolls In...

During my early years it was nothing to get in my car and head out for an adventure. I spent one summer traveling the United States with a friend and we had many wonderful and exciting experiences. One frightful experience happened in Oklahoma when we ran into a severe thunderstorm. It started off beautiful with all the lighting and I'm feeling safe because we are in the car. Suddenly I start seeing ice balls falling from the sky. At first they were intermittent and then all hell broke lose and we started getting hail the size of softballs and this is in July. Well now cruising at 70 MPH those ice balls were hitting my car pretty hard. I became very frighten and being in Oklahoma there was no where to hide or escape for shelter so I pulled over to the side of the road and waited unit it stopped. Never seen anything like it and it sure was a rush and something I will never forget. Just like the thunderstorm that rolled in and frighten me The Mist by Stephen King is going to do frighten the heck out of you come November 21th when it opens up across the country. In Stephen Kings adventure the mist rolls in after a thunderstorm and all hell breaks lose just like my wonderful and frightful thunderstorm adventure.

Calling All Veterans....

To all veterans of the United States Military if you have any medical issues that are not being addressed I would encourage to visit the following link: Veterans Affairs This link will help you in starting to understand the procedures required to help you to receive earned VA medical care. The most important issue to remember is to call or write your local VA Rep. and request parer work to process a medical claim. All major cities in the U.S. have VA clinics where veterans can go for immediate care for colds and flu that sort of thing. In Toledo Ohio the address is Toledo VA Outpatient Clinic 3333 Glendale Ave. phone number 419-259-2000. I encourage all veterans to take care of their bodies and seek preventive medical attention such as a check up, blood pressure, and all other issues.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"The Mist"erious Stephen King..

Once again Stephen King is on the edge of reality and insanity. His latest release The Mist by Stephen King has all the traits we have come to love from this fright author and this film is no exception.

The morning after a violent thunderstorm, a thick unnatural mist rapidly spreads across the small town of Bridgton, Maine, reducing visibility to near-zero and concealing numerous species of bizarre creatures; vaguely resembling, among other things, lobsters, spiders and giant squid, these entities viciously attack any human who ventures out into the open. The source of the fog and its inhabitants is never revealed, but strong allusions are made to an interdimensional rift caused by something known second-hand to the townsfolk as "The Arrowhead Project", which had been long-rumored to be conducted at a nearby top-secret military facility. The bulk of the story details the plight of a large group of people who become trapped while shopping in the town supermarket, among them an artist named David Drayton (the story's narrator), Drayton's young son Billy. Watch as the master Stephen King explores the rapid psychological breakdown of the terrified people inside the market with the unknown and lots of blood. I'm ready to get the heck frighten out of me. So turn out the lights and let the fright begin.

Planet Discovered Outside Solar System!

Scientists said the discovery of a fifth planet orbiting a star about 40 light years from our solar system suggests there are many solar systems packed with planets. The new planet is much bigger than Earth. The planet is a similar distance away from its sun, 55 Cancri, as earth is from the sun, making it a bit warmer than the earth but not very much. The technology needed to record data, electronic images, and photos of distant places keeps on impressing me as new and wonderful discoveries are made.

Dental Pain!... Welcome to The 21st Century!

What a clever idea and common sense in one product! If Dentemp OS would have been around when I was a kid it would have save me some embarrassment and a lot of pain. I lost three front teeth in an automobile accident the same week I had a huge science project due that involved a one-on-one meeting with the school principal. I needed three caps and one root canal and because the accident happened at night and we lived in the rural south I was unable to get to the dentist until about 22 hours later. Let me tell you it hurt and it was 5 days before I received temp caps. Dentemp OS would have been the ticket if it was around then. This FDA Approved Over-the-Counter Dental Cement is a perfect First Aid product for fillings and loose caps. It provides fast, temporary relief of pain and discomfort. Just remove it from its plastic vial and it's ready to use. No Mess! No Mixing! Several Applications in each vial. Replaces lost fillings and may be used to temporarily cement loose crowns. You can eat on it within 30 minutes of setting and fully complies with FDA Regulations for Oral Hygiene. I sure could have used that temporary dental repair back then but it wasn't to be. It was awkward but I presented my presentation and attended the pizza party afterwards. Thank goodness we are making advances in science that allows wonderful products like this to appear in the market place to help ease pain and suffering.

Guantanamo Hearing To Continue..!

I read today that a federal appeals court rejected a request by lawyers for Omar Khadr to halt military commission hearing against a Canadian detainee at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The denial was handed down by a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. At issue was a ruling by the U.S. Court of Military Commission Review in September that said a military court set up by the Bush administration was the proper venue for deciding whether Khadr is an "unlawful enemy combatant" who can be tried by the military on terrorism charges.

Emergency Cash..!

Lets face the facts whether you live in the United States or England every-now-and-then things get out of control and extra money is need real fast. What is one to do? Roberts Bridge Financial your home for UK Payday Loans might be the answer. Their four step process will swiftly connect you with that needed emergency cash. As with any loan know the terms, borrow what you can afford to pay back promptly and use only for emergencies.

Dispose of Those Leftover Meds Properly...

Over the weekend I read in the USA Today that instead of flushing leftover medicine down the drain, the government is recommending you mix it with kitty litter, coffee grounds, sawdust or even doggie doo, then seal in a plastic bag and toss in the trash. That's better for the environment and renders the medicines too unpleasant to try if children, pets, or drug abusers stumble through the trash. A pilot program by the government's Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration will try to send that advice to thousands of patients who use painkillers, sleeping pills, and other controlled substances. When patients fill prescriptions for a list of abuse-prone drugs, participating pharmacists will hand over a flier urging them to take the kitty-litter step if they don't use all their pills. When I first read this article I laughed, thinking ("too much government, don't they have anything better to do?") but upon reflection anything that will help keep safe people and animals can't be all that bad, considering the scope of the problem.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Don't wait on that Newspaper Add..!

Everyone and I mean everyone knows that Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving is one of the major U.S. holiday shopping days. The day many U.S. consumers begin Christmas shopping and the day is heavily promoted by retailers with thanksgiving ads that are made available via your local newspaper the day after Thanksgiving. Well this is the new age, the age of the Internet no more waiting for those black-Friday newspaper adds. gives you the advantage by showing you all of the Black Friday 2007 ads before anyone else. They also offer direct links to each product so you can purchase the items online on Black Friday without having to stand in line at the store! Enter an email address and receive updates when black friday ads are posted. This site has all the major retailers including Walmart, Sears, Target, BestBuy my favorite electronic store. I'm interested in a flat screen monitor for my home computer and I'm looking for a deal. I will be following and checking those black-friday ads as they are posted. makes it convient surfing and shopping from home and the best part your an savvy and informed consumer making that hard earned dollar work for you.

Space Agency Upgrades Photo Tool...

The European Space Agency has made it easier for amateur and professional photographers to submit photos of Venus via a new Web Interface. The ESA is interested in such photos to supplement observations made by its Venus Express spacecraft. The agency launched the Venus Amateur Observating Project (VAOP) in March 2006 and now has a simpler Web-based interface called the Venus ground-based Active Archive (VAA) for the uploading of photos. ESA is interested in such images because the orbiter cannot constently monitor Venus. There are periods when parts of the planet are visable from Earth but cannot be seen by the spacecraft beacuse of its position in orbit.