Sunday, November 18, 2007

Curiously Awesome Products..

I was selected by payperpost to take part in an exciting and unusual post to sample several products and give my review. I really like the Video Fireplace DVD, I swore I could feel heat...! This would be great at a party playing on a large flat screen TV. What I like the most was the gourmet scented pencils made out of rolled recycled newspaper and all aspects of the product are made from recycled or environmentally friendly substances. I'm thing green here...! The smencil I received was the finest smelling (Grape) pencil I've ever came across. I was tempted to give it a taste text also but decided against that as being silly. Its smells great! The last product for sampling was fake snow! That's right fake snow..! Now that went over big with my son because we added it to a cup of water at the Detroit Red Wings Hockey Game Saturday night. Snow went everywhere covering several fans and I half to confess I was nervous but the fans were very gracious. I really like looking over these unusual products, they were fun to play with and sample.

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