Monday, November 12, 2007

Sensitive Teeth No More...

I was selected to participate in a payperpost opportunity and blog about my experience with a sample of ‘Biotene’ toothpaste for sensitive teeth & cavity protection.
I had some dental work done several months ago, the results of which left one tooth very sensitive to heat and especially cold anything. So I start using a national brand of sensitive toothpaste and felt I was making slow, slow progress toward healing that sensitive tooth.
I have been using biotene for 10 days and here are my observations on this new and exciting product. The tube is brightly colored so it is easy to spot lying jumbled up with other like products. The active ingredient is the same as in the national brand but ‘boitene’ has added dry mouth protection and gentle low foaming which made for a better brushing experience for me. The toothpaste tasted like bubble gum and left a pleasant taste in my mouth so I started applying small amounts directly to the tooth and leaving it on until it dissolved and that is when I noticed a difference in the sensitivity of that tooth. I will be looking for ‘biotene’ sensitive toothpaste in the stores because that new product actually helped my sensitive tooth.

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