Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ice Thunderstorm Rolls In...

During my early years it was nothing to get in my car and head out for an adventure. I spent one summer traveling the United States with a friend and we had many wonderful and exciting experiences. One frightful experience happened in Oklahoma when we ran into a severe thunderstorm. It started off beautiful with all the lighting and I'm feeling safe because we are in the car. Suddenly I start seeing ice balls falling from the sky. At first they were intermittent and then all hell broke lose and we started getting hail the size of softballs and this is in July. Well now cruising at 70 MPH those ice balls were hitting my car pretty hard. I became very frighten and being in Oklahoma there was no where to hide or escape for shelter so I pulled over to the side of the road and waited unit it stopped. Never seen anything like it and it sure was a rush and something I will never forget. Just like the thunderstorm that rolled in and frighten me The Mist by Stephen King is going to do frighten the heck out of you come November 21th when it opens up across the country. In Stephen Kings adventure the mist rolls in after a thunderstorm and all hell breaks lose just like my wonderful and frightful thunderstorm adventure.

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