Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Princeton to return artifacts back to Rome..

psykterThe Italian Culture Ministry and the Princeton University Art Museum signed a deal for the returned eight disputed antiquities to Italy. It is Italy largest coup in efforts to recover treasures it says were looted from the country. Under the deal, the New Jersey museum will transfer legal title to Italy of eight artifacts, including pottery and sculpture from the Greek and Etruscan cultures. In exchange, Italy will loan Princeton other treasures of "equal historical-artistic interest." the two sides also will increase cultural cooperation through joint exhibitions and archaeological digs. Among the objects covered by the deal is a prized "psykter" a Greek vase made in Athens around 500 B.C. and imported by the Etruscan culture that dominated central Italy. Italian officials contend the vase was looted by tomb raiders and sold to Princeton for $350.000 in 1989 by an American art dealer.

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