Friday, November 2, 2007

Use Caution Purchasing That Holiday Gift Card.....

You would be more than disappointed if you were told that Christmas gift card you gave someone was declined by the store. You would be embarrassed, and you would know that you were victimized. Though it doesn’t happen frequently, it does happen. Criminals can scan the number on the backs of the cards in the store. When they check the card over the Internet, they see its value and go shopping online. In stores where cards are in open view, low-tech crooks can grab a handful and just write the number down. No need for scanning devices. Then they can return the cards and wait for them to be activated.

Law enforcement officials have some recommendations for gift-card buyers.
*First, don’t choose a card from the display by the cash register. Get one from the customer service desk.
*Second, don’t buy a gift card at an Internet auction site. Sellers may overstate the value of the card. You want know how much the card is actually worth.
*Never, never buy a gift card if the packaging has been opened.

Enjoy the Holidays!

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