Friday, October 19, 2007

Lost Monument & Burial Documents!!!

I recently read in the Toledo Blade newspaper that an old building owned by Toledo's second oldest company (The Blade being the first) was being torn down at a later date. That news wasn't what got my attention, what did get my attention is the thousands of monument and burial records that were in the basement of the abandoned building that belonged to the Lloyd Bros. Walker Co. at one point. When the company relocated to 3111 West Sylvania Ave you would of thought that all of their items would of gone with them. To leave such documents behind and not attempt to retrieve them is nothing more then irresponsibility.

Mrs. Zywocki from Holland began salvaging records from the basement in early March, she was trying to get as much out as possible before vandals came in and potentially destroy what others would consider to be treasures of lost and loved ones. It got the point where she was threatened by the code enforcement officials to have her arrested for trespassing. City crews started removing the records in June, said Kattie Bond, acting director of the Department of Neighborhoods. That leaves the question What did the city crews do with these documents?

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