Monday, October 22, 2007

The Forgotten War!

I have just finished reading “The Mammoth Book of Eyewitness World War 1” with over 180 first-hand accounts of the “war to end all wars”. I didn’t realize the magnitude of the war because it’s been nearly 90 years since it was fought and almost all of the participants are deceased. Has it become the Forgotten War? Despite the haunting images of Flanders’ trenches with “solders bent double like sacks”, the fighting was not confined to a corner of northwest Europe, but took in eastern and southern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and even China and Japan. Fifty million men from thirty nations donned uniforms. When the last bullet sounded on 11 November 1918, nine million of the combatants lay dead, alongside five million citizens. It has become the Forgotten War.

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