Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Its Up To You...Your Finances!

I have found over the years that when someone besides me plays with my money and personal finances...they play with my emotions...which is usually not good for me. These financial experiences have taught me to take responsibility and be fully aware of what is happening with my finances. One aspect of that is what is good debt and what is bad debt. Everyone needs a home and a car...try to get along without either...tough...so to me that is good debt...provided you stay within what you can afford. You don't need credit cards, store credit cards, gas cards...however try to get along without one...very tough...the business establishment has seen to that...they like the fees. So if your able..pay off the balance every month...or better yet…don't use it. Now usually people don’t wise up until they are older, in debt or both. Well don’t fret…Care One Credit Counseling credit card debt consolidation is here to help you clear away that debt and get you living a debt free life...sounds good to me! Knowledge is key to staying out of debt. Their collection of freedom from debt articles can help you understand your credit report, manage your money, and make smart financial choices. you can browse the library or search for a topic that interests you, you'll find tips and ideas to help you find debt relief, and more. Remember though that you are in charge of your finances and its up to you to ensure your money is working for you and Care One Credit Counseling is another tool with knowledge to share if your serious about getting and living debt free. My advice to anyone who will listen..time stands still for knowone...and it takes lots of money..save for that toy, vacation, furniture...whatever..you will enjoy it more knowing you worked hard and its payed for with cash. Make you money work for you...knowone else will!

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