Monday, March 10, 2008

Best Shampoo Ever...

I was selected to take part in a Naked Naturals sample pack and was pleasantly surprised with the product. Naked Naturals name was chosen to reflect their commitment to formulating hair care products using natural ingredients and is formulated to make your hair 7x stronger and when I was through applying it to my did feel thicker and refresher not to mention my hair smelled great. Made the safe choice Naked Naturals is the natural shampoo on the market and has no DEA or TEA, no animal By-products, no artificial colors, no harsh chemicals, naked naturals shampoo and conditioners are the best on the market. The secret to Naked Naturals is the key product Keravis. Keravis is a natural plant protein that is exclusive to Naked Naturals. Keravis works on the molecular level making your hair up to 7x thicker and stronger. At the same time, heavy Keravis molecules form a protective outer barrier strengthing and protecting your hair from the inside out. I used the sample shampoo and conditioner and like I said my hair felt refreshed and thicker...not to mention my hair smelled great. I will defently purchase this product at the local drug store and see the effect it has on my hair.

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