Wednesday, March 19, 2008


US Flag and MIA*POW Flag
You don't hear much from the National Media about the Missing or Captured American solders in Iraq...a country under the control of the U.S. Military. There are 4 brave U.S. Army servicemen listed as missing/captured in Iraq:

Staff Sergeant Keith M. Maupin - POW*MIA 16-Apr-2004
Ahmed Qusai al-Taei: Status - POW*MIA 23-Oct-2006
Spc. Alex R. Jimenez: Status - POW*MIA 12-May-2007
Pvt. Byron W. Fouty: Status - POW*MIA 12-May-2007

As we near the fourth anniversary of the capture of Staff Sergeant Keith M. Maupin let us not forget the sacrafice these men are enduring and pray for there speedy recovery.

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